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Potential Risks Of Cosmetic Surgery

In general, any cosmetic surgery carries risks, which can be divided into three different categories:

1. Anaesthesia

2. Dissatisfaction with the outcome

3. Side effects and complications after the procedure

Anaesthesia cannot only be dangerous but is also an extraordinary strain on the body. In addition to complications due to narcosis, difficulties caused by interaction with pre-existing conditions can occur. Therefore, all health issues must be discussed with the surgeon prior to the operation. The attributable death rate with general anaesthesia is 0.05 percent.

Furthermore, by inserting the breathing tube into the trachea, a laryngoscope is used, which may result in damage to the front teeth, throat or the larynx. However, subsequent hoarseness and swallowing problems are more common. The utilisation of a laryngeal mask instead of a trachea tube reduces the frequency of these complications drastically.

During narcosis, the protective reflexes are abolished. Should it happen that the content of the stomach is partially discharged into the pharynx and passes to the lungs then this can have consequences.

Larger chunks of food can block the airway and interfere with breathing. In the worst scenario, the blockade is so capacious that inhalation is not possible at all. In this case, the issue needs to be addressed urgently, as otherwise the patient's life is endangered.

After surgery, each patient must wait until the final results are visible. The swelling needs to go back and the wounds have to heal off. Despite the most extensive performance-border consultation, there is always the risk that the end-result does not correspond to the expectations and promises.

One must not forget that patients have to deal with an immense amount of stress after the procedure because the anaesthesia and operation are a strain on the body. In addition, no doctor can guarantee that the outcome of a plastic surgery will be as desired; this depends on the nature of the body tissue. Moreover, infections, bleeding and swelling of the operated area can occur.

As mentioned above, scarring, bleeding and infections are not unusual side effects of a cosmetic surgery. Severe pain, bruises, numbness of the wounds and puss are also not uncommon. A procedure in the name of beauty carries not only advantages, but incalculable disadvantages, too.

Fortunately, these symptoms disappear after a short period of time. However, in a few extremely rare cases, it may come to blood clots after the operation, which is also known as thrombosis. Inappropriate treatment can close blood vessels and cause an embolism.

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