breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation

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Some women are born with small chests and sometimes women have perky breasts but years of breast feeding may cause sagging. Breast enhancement surgery is a common surgical procedure for all sorts of women who wish to improve the appearance of their chests with surgery. Breast augmentation is one way to increase the size of the breast and to give them a more rounded shape. Many people get this surgery to fill out their chests and to make them look more proportional.

Breast augmentation is the enhancement of the breast that is created by the surgical implantation of a breast implant. The breast implants are usually made of a silicone gel and are inserted into the breast during surgery through a small incision under the breast to give them a larger and fuller feel and shape. Remember not all breast implants are the same!

When getting a breast enhancement you will first have a consultation with a plastic surgeon who will together with you determine the right size and shape breast implant for you. Sometimes smaller chested women think they would like a D sized breast implant but the reality is that it would not look proportional and they may be better suited with a B or C cup size. Breast augmentation surgery usually takes 1-2 hours and is followed by a brief hospital stay.  It is usually advised to avoid high intensity activity for a few weeks after the breast enhancement surgery.


Before & After Bilateral Breast Augmentation Pictures

Case 1 Breast Augmentation Surgery - pre op pics

preop breast surgery breast surgery pic


Case 1 Breast Augmentation Surgery - post op pics

post op surgery30 breast augmentation surgery


Case 2 Breast Augmentation Surgery - pre op pics

pre op pic pre op surgery


Case 2 Breast Augmentation Surgery - post op pics

post op surgery post op

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